Why is Water Dripping Out of My Soffit? 

Why is Water Dripping Out of My Soffit? 

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Two days in a row, while mowing a client’s yards, I found water dripping out of their soffit. In fact, neither one of them had a clue of what was going on. One client thought it was normal and the other one was clueless. 

Why is water dripping out of your soffit? It’s because your primary drain line to your AC unit is clogged and need to be cleared out. These things clog up because all AC units produce condensation. The water dripping is coming from your secondary, auxiliary, drain line that’s connect to a drain pan underneath your evaporator coil or your air handler. 

My recommendation is to walk outside of your house and find the secondary drain line coming out your soffit and see if it’s leaking. If it is, you need to call Team WINN Companies. Note: your AC unit is working overtime in our culture today, since many people are working from home full-time or have some hybrid model. 


Right now, take advantage of a free home maintenance inspection. We will look at your house and make sure all your systems are functioning properly and show you where emergency shutoffs are. 

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