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Are You Feeling Comfortable Working from Home? 

Are You Feeling Comfortable Working from Home? 

In our culture, since the 2020, most while collar professionals, was forced to work from home almost immediately without any preparation. This was uncomfortable, unpleasant and downright abnormal for most. The 2020 pandemic through our entire society into a different world and in 2023, we are still catching up with the effects of the changes. 

With our work, we visit many homes and people are scrambling and making changes to their homes in order to have a true workspace that doesn’t collide with personal, family life. Do you have this solace for work? Are you stressed at home because you can hear, see, smell, touch, and taste the needs of your household? Are you able to be focused and contribute the way desire, the way your business and team needs? Are you able to turn off and give to your family what they need? I know I’m not alone in my struggles and my observations of my clients and others. 

Recently, we made some changes in the one our client’s home office, so that they can be more comfortable while working. Now, this is a dedicated office for them in their home. I want to propose that many more people need to make changes in their home office in order to create the value for their clients, which equals value for their family in the form of money. Likewise, I believe that we all need quality time with our family in order create value for our clients. When both work and family life is flowing well, life is more pleasant. 

If you’re in Greater House Area and are feeling like this, then reach out me now. We are looking to work with you to provide solutions that could bring value to your home and work. There are solutions to this problem.

Click on the link below to schedule your free home/office consultation. Go ahead and book while there are openings. 

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Houston Home Improvement Plan

Houston Home Improvement Plan       

Houston Home Improvement experts have a plan to transform the lives of families in the Greater Houston Area. Yesterday, September 6. 2023, I took my boys ages all under the age of 10 to an event that’s focused on improving the lives of men in Greater Houston Area, the Toolbox Ministries. One of the gentlemen at the lunch asked the boys why aren’t you in school? Well, what he failed to realize they were in school, just not the traditional school our society is accustomed to. These boys are learning from men like Eric Alexander how to improve their lives, while consequently improving the lives of others through trusting in the God of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ.

At the lunch, the boys and I engaged in the conversations with two police officers who are dedicated to improving our lives in the Greater Houston Area. One of the officers and I were talking about the recent murders of several black males in a neighborhood not far from where I live, Southlawn and how this community is lacking a Home Improvement plan. 

Team WINN Companies is transforming the lives of families in America, including the Greater Houston Area, through property maintenance, creating value for our clients, team, vendors, and community. We are in the growth phase as we are planning to enter the last quarter of 2023. We are rolling out products and services that will create value for Greater Houston Area Homeowners and Investors. The holidays are approaching, and we are offering permanent outdoor lighting and holiday lighting. 

At Team WINN Companies, we are leveraging our experiences and expertise’s to provide valuable products and services to the Greater Houston Market to will have an impact greater than the bottom line. 

Contact us today as our schedule is getting booked up for the fall. 



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Houston Home Improvement Update

Houston Home Improvement Update 

As Houston Home Improvement experts, Team Winn Companies, we are transforming the lives of families through property management. We’re creating value for our clients, team, vendors, and community.  This week, we are replaced the old wood siding on a client’s house and replaced it with new Hardie board and painted it. One of things we discovered while doing the job is the house didn’t have any OSB, which made it impossible to fasten the Hardie board properly. While onsite, we made the client aware of the need and moved forward with the project. When you have a contractor replacing your siding, request a quote for replacing the OSB, just in case it doesn’t exist and the cost to replace old windows, since they would be exposed. 

This one job benefited so many individuals and everyone. This is the type of transformation that we are seeking to make each day and every job. 

Visit our website to learn more at 


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Collective Awareness
Andrew Martin and Carl Winn Collaborating

Creating Value Through Collaboration

Creating Value Through Collaboration 


Today, I had a chance to sit down with a godly man, Andrew Martin, who is a businessman. It was answer to my prayer. I’ve been praying all year for the Lord to connect me with godly men and women who could help me build my business and my life for his glory. 


It was refreshing to talk with Andrew about business, life, God, and how business is a vehicle for creating value. Our mission, Team WINN Companies, is to transform the lives of families in America through property management, creating value for clients, team, vendors, and community. Today, through my collaboration with Andrew, Team WINN Companies has increased its value in the marketplace. We are Houston Home Improvement service provider providing Houston Lawn Care, Houston Home Repairs, and Houston Renovation and Remodeling in Greater Houston Area. 


For business owners in the Greater Houston Area, I recommend you check out his business, Six Figure Dinners, it’s a place for small business owners can collaborate and work through issues in a safe place. Truly, I believe you will come away with tremendous value. 


One of the things I learned from Andrew is God has called and created us to rest and that’s why on Sunday, we don’t work but rest with our family and friends and focus on worshiping God. 


Creating Value,


Carl Winn 



Transform Your Life With Team WINN’s Houston Home Improvement Services

Team WINN takes great pride in how we work with each and every one of our customers, approaching every home improvement project with our calling from God to shepherd, steward, and serve. We are committed to excellence in every task, and if you need any additional home improvement services not listed here, just let us know and we will get it done. All of our work comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we will come back and make it right. Call us today, and let’s start transforming your life!


Team WINN is a Houston-based home improvement service that uses our God-given gifts to positively impact others. Transform your property, transform your life. Our property management services include landscaping, home repairs, and larger scale renovation and remodeling services.